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DominoLife for Android, release 1.4

New in release 1.4

  • Added a QuickShare option for images, audio files and complete tree exported as zipfiles. QuickShare implements one-click social sharing by storing files to the user’s Dropbox account and publishing links to the user’s Facebook wall. Does not require the Dropbox or Facebook application, only Dropbox and Facebook accounts.
  • The minimum required version of Android is now 2.2.
  • Fixed a few problems.

DominoLife for Android, release 1.3

New in release 1.3

  • Fixed a few problems
  • Changed default colors, graphics and texts
  • Simplified the user interface: reintroduced some on-screen edit icons, direct access to the edit functions after creating a new tree or node
  • Added the “Tree map” module requested by some users
  • The default tree can now be exported and shared
  • The active tree is now saved as a shared preference, the application will resume with the last active tree
  • Added some more interface effects

DominoLife for Android, release 1.2

New in release 1.2

  • Fixed a few problems
  • Improved the user interface of the Image Editor

DominoLife for Android, release 1.1.1

New in release 1.1.1

  • Removed the option to take a new picture from the application, which has been found to depend strongly on incompatible Camera implementations on different phones. Now pictures are always inserted via the Gallery, which on many phones includes the option to take a new picture.
  • Replaced the Edit menu with a conventional Options menu with a more uniform look&feel on phones with very different screen sizes.
  • Fixed a few minor problems.

NOTE: Release 1.1.1 should be still considered as a beta release, please send us error reports if something does not work well.

DominoLife for Android, release 1.1

New in release 1.1

  • Image editor with scroll and edit modes.
  • Images can be larger than the screen size (up to 1080 x 1080 pixels without memory errors tested on a HTC Desire HD).
  • Possibility to have multiple audio files for each node, played sequentially.
  • Settings (persistent shared preferences).
  • Clip art gallery, with the possibility to save new images as clip art.
  • File manager features for individual files and whole trees, with a Share option (eg email, Dropbox, Facebook) depending on the file type and the installed applications.
  • Several problems fixed.

NOTE: Release 1.1 should be still considered as a beta release, please send us error reports if something does not work well.

NOTE: Release 1.1 will NOT handle trees created with release 1.0.1, please discard old trees.

DominoLife beta published on the Android Market

The first beta version of DominoLife has been published on the Android Market:

Android Market – DominoLife for Android

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Mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms, by Terasem Movement Transreligion, Inc. We develop the DominoLife application. See the DominoLife web repository for DominoLife trees uploaded by users.