Most errors reported by users are due to an accidentally unmounted SD card. Please make sure that your SD card is mounted.

Please make sure that the image size and aspect ratio defined in Settings (main Options menu) are appropriate to your device. If you set image size to 1280 pixels and aspect ratio to 3:4 on a low-end device, the application will surely crash due to an out-of-memory error. The default settings image size = 540 pixels, aspect ratio = 1:1 should work even on low-end devices, and you can raise these values on high-end devices.

If a tree cannot be imported, the problem is almost surely in a newline character in a text field. The application converts all newline characters to “.n.”, but in some exceptional cases newline characters are found in the database. This will be corrected in forthcoming releases.

Please always close sound recording with Save (you can delete unwanted sound clips later) instead of using the Back key. Using the back key will break the recording module. If this happens, use Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – DominoLife – Force stop. To be corrected in forthcoming releases.

At this moment you need an external file manager to import a tree downloaded to the SD card. We recommend the ASTRO File Manager, but the latest release seems to have a problem. A good alternative, tested with DominoLife, is the OI File Manager. A forthcoming release of DominoLife will include a built-in internal file manager.



Mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms, by Terasem Movement Transreligion, Inc. We develop the DominoLife application. See the DominoLife web repository for DominoLife trees uploaded by users.

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