In release 1.5.3:

Built-in internal file manager to import trees downloaded to the SD card without needing an external file manager.

In forthcoming releases:

Fixes for some elusive bugs which only appear on some phones (see Troubleshooting).

Major improvements in the Image editor.

Silent mode – this feature has been requested by some users. On most but not all Android phones, application media can be muted with system settings.

Optional blank image in a node (text (and audio) -only node).

Tilt navigation – not really necessary because DominoLife already permits navigation with one hand, but nice-to-have.

Note: there have been suggestions to add video clips besides text, images and sound clips. This would not be difficult, but I see DominoLife as an alternative to video rather than as a container for video. As a story telling application, DominoLife is more powerful than linear video. It does not have the smooth flow of video, but every element can be simply edited anytime within the application.


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