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DominoLife is a multimedia application for non-linear note taking, story telling, mind mapping and presentations. It permits easily organizing pictures, text notes, audio clips and freehand drawings in trees. DominoLife is a social application integrated with file sharing services and social networks.


A tree can be for example a diary (life logging), a non-linear bedtime story for children, a fractal map of personal thoughts and memories, a branching multiple choice game (try making one with the help of the image editor), a travel log with places within places, or a business presentation. Trees can be easily exported, imported and shared with other users.


A tree is composed of nodes, where each node is a bundle which can include text, pictures, audio and graphics. Each node has one parent and up to 3 children. This data structure called a ternary tree is very suitable for mobile devices, with horizontal and vertical scrolling. The 4 scrolling directions (back, forward, up and down) permit reaching the 4 links (one parent and 3 children) from a node, which defines a simple, intuitive and powerful user interface.

Ternary Tree

Ternary Tree

These simple rules permit creating very complex trees to capture the endlessly branching, fractal nature of life, thought, facts, places and stories.

DominoLife is very easy to use, and new users can start composing trees seconds after launching the application for the first time. You can however refer to the Help page in the main menu and the contextual Help pages in specific modules.

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Mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms, by Terasem Movement Transreligion, Inc. We develop the DominoLife application. See the DominoLife web repository for DominoLife trees uploaded by users.

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