One-click social sharing in DominoLife


DominoLife is a social application integrated with file sharing services and social networks.

The internal QuickShare tool for one-click social sharing stores a file to the public folder of the user’s Dropbox account and publishes a link to the DominoLife web repository and optionally to the user’s Facebook wall. It does not require the Dropbox or Facebook applications, only Dropbox and Facebook accounts. QuickShare has also an option to use one of the installed applications (like Google+ or Seesmic) instead of the built-in Facebook option.

The Get trees menu connects via the browser to the DominoLife web repository of trees shared by users to preview, download and rate trees. Downloaded trees can be imported into DominoLife for viewing and further editing.

The first time that you use QuickShare, you must enter your Dropbox login information (after the first time the system will remember your login information). When you are logged in, you see a progress bar while the file is uplaoded to Dropbox. Then you are prompted to enter a comment, and a link to the tree in your public Dropbox folder is published with the comment to the DominoLife web repository, where other users can preview, rate and download the tree to their phone for viewing and further editing. Then you can choose to share a link to Facebook by using the built-in “Facebook connect” option (the first time you will be asked for your Facebook login information), or to share a link to Facebook or another sharing network (for example Google+) via one of the installed applications. When done, press the Back key to exit QuickShare.

The internal “Facebook connect” option, which does not require the Facebook application but only a Facebook account, was developed when the official Facebook application had a serious bug (did not properly support ACTION_LINK). This bug has been corrected in the current version of Facebook for Android, and now the official Facebook application, if it is installed, can be used instead of the “Facebook connect” option.

DominoLife uses the Drobbox API and the Facebook API via the great Easy Facebook Android SDK. See our Facebook group.


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Mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms, by Terasem Movement Transreligion, Inc. We develop the DominoLife application. See the DominoLife web repository for DominoLife trees uploaded by users.

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